Taffeta V.
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Taffeta V.
Writer, Podcaster, Master of Disguise

I can eat fire, I have a WNBA championship ring with my name right there on it, and one time I won a gold medal at the Seattle Burlesque Olympics.

Most recently, I worked designing and making costumes for arty strippers, drag luminaries, and circus folk. Previously, I have been a public relations goon for a big musical theatre, an event manager for bookstores, and a private chef for a secret society. Plus a lot of other stuff.

This qualifies me to be an excellent cocktail party guest. And, you know, a writer.

I tell mostly-true stories, and am currently working on a podcast exploring my short term obsessions.


 Behind the scenes at Land of the Sweets Part 1: Wardrobe Mistress Taffeta V.  - All about my work with Verlaine/McCann's long-running holiday favorite, Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker


The Atomic Bombshells
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

The Moisture Festival
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

Verlaine/McCann Productions
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

Miss Indigo Blue
Costume Prep and Packing Manager, Miss Exotic World Tour 2011

Seattle Burlesque Olympics (2012)
Gold Medalist, Fastest Quick Repair

Design/Fabrication Clients
J. Von Stratton | Danial Hellman | Teatro Zinzanni | Connors & Co. Events | Lily Verlaine | Verlaine/McCann Productions | The Atomic Bombshells | DeLouRue Presents | Miss Indigo Blue | Waxie Moon | Cherry Killer Tomatoes | Solange Corbeau | Pixie Parcelle | Jo Jo Stiletto |The Moisture Festival | Ernie Von Schmaltz

Wardrobe Services Clients
The Atomic Bombshells  | The Moisture Festival | Verlaine/McCann Productions | J. Von Stratton |Miss Indigo Blue | Waxie Moon | Buckaroos USA | Big Time Rush | Madame X and her Lawyer


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Location, Location, Location

I grew up in the Midwest, so I have a great work ethic, say “OPE” all the time, and will make you a casserole if you are sad.

I spent my adult life in Seattle - I love the weather (yes, it rains; no, I won’t carry an umbrella), the coffee, and the landscape. It is my happy place.

In 2018, my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so we moved back to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.