I can eat fire, I have a WNBA championship ring with my name right there on it, and one time I won a gold medal at the Seattle Burlesque Olympics.

Most recently, I worked designing and making costumes for arty strippers, drag luminaries, and circus folk. Previously, I have been a public relations goon for a big musical theatre, an event manager for bookstores, and a private chef for a secret society. Plus a lot of other stuff.

This qualifies me to be an excellent cocktail party guest. And, you know, a writer.

I tell mostly-true stories, and am currently working on a podcast exploring my short term obsessions.


 Behind the scenes at Land of the Sweets Part 1: Wardrobe Mistress Taffeta V.  - All about my work with Verlaine/McCann's long-running holiday favorite, Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker


The Atomic Bombshells
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

The Moisture Festival
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

Verlaine/McCann Productions
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

Miss Indigo Blue
Costume Prep and Packing Manager, Miss Exotic World Tour 2011

Seattle Burlesque Olympics (2012)
Gold Medalist, Fastest Quick Repair

Design/Fabrication Clients
J. Von Stratton | Danial Hellman | Teatro Zinzanni | Connors & Co. Events | Lily Verlaine | Verlaine/McCann Productions | The Atomic Bombshells | DeLouRue Presents | Miss Indigo Blue | Waxie Moon | Cherry Killer Tomatoes | Solange Corbeau | Pixie Parcelle | Jo Jo Stiletto |The Moisture Festival | Ernie Von Schmaltz

Wardrobe Services Clients
The Atomic Bombshells  | The Moisture Festival | Verlaine/McCann Productions | J. Von Stratton |Miss Indigo Blue | Waxie Moon | Buckaroos USA | Big Time Rush | Madame X and her Lawyer