Filled with rage.
Topped with sprinkles.

What I do:

I make things - mostly (but not exclusively) things to wear. I make them by hand, blending traditional methods like delicate hand embroidery and tambour hook beading with rogue punk hot-glue improvisation to create wearable art for performance and special occasions. My costume work has been seen on stages in Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, and cabarets & festivals around the world. 

I also create traditional bridal accessories, restore vintage beaded gowns, embroider crests and patches, or breathe new life into beloved-but-tattered clothing. 

I'm a Wardrobe Mistress, which means I work at live events to help performers with their costumes. 

People sometimes ask me to write, talk, or teach about sartorial matters, because I am a Trained Professional.  

I make art (the kind you don't wear) by stitching together recycled textiles, found objects, and secrets.



Talked about old times, my obsession with 007's footwear, Kurt Russell's fantastic hair, and more with my pal Matthew Socey for his film show, Film Soceyology on WFYI

 Behind the scenes at Land of the Sweets Part 1: Wardrobe Mistress Taffeta V.  - All about my work with Verlaine/McCann's long-running holiday favorite, Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker




The Atomic Bombshells
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

The Moisture Festival
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

Verlaine/McCann Productions
Company Wardrobe Mistress 

Miss Indigo Blue
Costume Prep and Packing Manager, Miss Exotic World Tour 2011

Seattle Burlesque Olympics (2012)
Gold Medalist, Fastest Quick Repair

Design/Fabrication Clients
J. Von Stratton | Danial Hellman | Teatro Zinzanni | Connors & Co. Events | Lily Verlaine | Verlaine/McCann Productions | The Atomic Bombshells | DeLouRue Presents | Miss Indigo Blue | Waxie Moon | Cherry Killer Tomatoes | Solange Corbeau | Pixie Parcelle | Jo Jo Stiletto |The Moisture Festival | Ernie Von Schmaltz

Wardrobe Services Clients
The Atomic Bombshells  | The Moisture Festival | Verlaine/McCann Productions | J. Von Stratton |Miss Indigo Blue | Waxie Moon | Buckaroos USA | Big Time Rush | Madame X and her Lawyer


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